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     My goal is to put your mind at ease and answer all of your questions before you ever set foot in my office.  Every client is given a free 30 minute consultation in which we talk about your concerns and I explain what hypnosis is and how your session will be laid out.  Book your free phone consultation today.

Root Cause Therapy

This innovative therapy is perfect for the person wanting an overall healing experience. Some examples of what people might see with this therapy are improved relationships, negative habits disappearing, feeling enhanced self worth and finding closure of past events.  Each persons experience and results are unique to that individual.  We use regression while focusing on the release of emotions attached to a past event.  We address the root cause of the issue which allows for any behaviors, thoughts and emotions that resulted from that initial cause to be healed. This therapy is a form of self exploration which results in a deeper understanding of why you think and behave certain ways in different scenarios.  That understanding then creates change in your current habits and perceptions giving you an improved life experience.

Package includes 3 two hour sessions

3 sessions of Root Cause Therapy (2 hours each) : $420


General Hypnosis Package

Here are some examples of topics commonly addressed at Red Deer Hypnosis:

Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Are you an emotional eater? If you are a  person that reaches for the junk food when you are feeling stressed, sad or bored you could be considered an emotional eater.  Hypnosis can address the emotions that drive your unhealthy choices, help you manage cravings and make it easier to eat the foods that keep you looking and feeling your best. You will also receive motivational support through text messages during and after your booked sessions to help keep you motivated and encourage all the subconscious/habitually changes to establish themselves in your daily life. 

Hypnosis for Anxiety/Stress Management:  Let's face it. We live in a high stress world. If you find that your day to day stress is too much to handle then hypnosis might be an effective tool for you. Learn how to instantly calm your nervous system, quiet your busy mind and be more mindful of the present moment. With practice, the exercises you will be given in this 3 session package will help you navigate through your day feeling calmer. You will  be able to manage situations easier while feeling more in control and not so overwhelmed. Don't let anxiety and stress consume you any longer hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis for Phobias: As someone that previously experienced a fear of heights and being confined in small spaces I know how crippling a phobia can be in a persons life. Depending on the phobia it can make simple tasks such as riding an elevator, climbing a ladder or going on an airplane feel life threatening. They can create major inconveniences for the person in situations that other people think nothing of. Instead of avoiding situations that could potentially trigger that fight or flight response consider ridding yourself of that fear once and for all.  Imagine going on that dream trip that requires an 8 hour flight, no longer needing security to unlock the stairwell to avoid the elevator, climb on that ladder to wash your windows or to feel comfortable in any situation that use to make your heart race and make you want to flee.  I address a persons phobia by using regression to uncover the initial event that created the fear. Often, just knowing where the fear originated will be enough to release the phobia but I also will use other hypnotic techniques to help the person manage the learned response until they are completely free of the fear. Then the person can be in those scenarios that used to trigger the phobia while feeling calm and in control.  


If you are unsure if your issue can be addressed using hypnosis please book your free consultation and we can determine if it is right for you.

4 session package : $280


Stop Smoking Hypnosis 

Are you ready to quit smoking?  I mean, really ready?

If you are fed up with this destructive habit then you came to the right place. Hypnosis can be an effective tool in easing the process of quitting smoking. It can help you manage cravings, create the right mindset for reaching your goal and even address why you are smoking. Are you a social smoker? We can break that association.  Do you smoke when you are stressed? We can give you more effective tools to manage that stress. Whatever is driving the habit the most important thing is that you are serious about quitting.  If this is you then stop wasting money on cigarettes and book your spot today.

6 session quit smoking package : $420

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Education and Certifications

    In 2013, I completed my training at the Hypnotherapy and Wellness Institute in Edmonton, Ab.  Later in 2015, I upgraded my education through ARCH  Canada achieving the title of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

    In addition, I have completed several secondary courses throughout the years that expand on hypnotic techniques and/or compliment the therapeutic practice.  I am an active member of the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists in Canada.

Hypnotherapy and Wellness Institute 2013

Registered Hypnotherapist


Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Root Cause Therapy Certification 2020

Root Cause Therapy Practitioner

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