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Client Testimonials

Kandace is wonderful! I was nervous about the whole process. Within minutes of my consultation I felt so relaxed and excited to move forward. My initial reason for trying hypnosis was to work on weight loss and better health choices. After my first session I was at a celebration with lots of my worst temptations. I was able to walk past the chips and snacks without hesitation. During our sessions Kandace also built in increasing self confidence, self love and letting go of past situations that were stopping me from moving forward. I have felt much happier and stopped the negative self talk and have been really successful at eating better and just living healthier.



I was skeptical at first, but after one session ^ months later I am still smoke free. Hypnosis works!



Kandace helped me out with a few things revolving around my stress problems. She helped me realize what my triggers are and taught me methods to deal with stress in safer and healthier manners. 



I recently had a very pleasant and helpful session. I am currently pregnant and with just a few days left to give birth to my first child I have been going through all kinds of emotions, but the strongest one had to be fear, fear of what will happen the day I give birth. Kandace helped me with some relaxation exercises. It felt like I had gone to sleep but I could still hear her voice and suggestions. That night I had a really good sleep, which in my condition can be hard to do. I highly recommend everyone give hypnosis a try, you will be surprised how helpful it can be.



All my life I have struggled with weight. I am very much an emotional eater, didn’t matter the emotion, happy, sad, mad, lonely or surrounded by people. In my earlier years I had control over my cravings and eating but as I grew older that all changed and I lost control. I have tried just about every diet with some success with them all but eventually gain again. I was miserable with my inability to get control and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. A wonderful woman, a new acquaintance, recommended I see Kandace. I am very grateful that I did just that. I am able to follow a healthy food plan, am losing weight, and feel so much better about myself. If cravings do come, I use the tools Kandace has given me. She also helped me accept that some emotional reasons for eating could be released, if I just allowed myself to forgive. Not only to forgive certain people but to myself. Thank you Kandace, I am on the road to a healthier me.



If you have struggled with alternative options in the past I highly encourage giving hypnosis a try as it is approached in a calming/soothing manner. It is a natural approach to calming my central nervous system and helps me to think reactively to stresses. 



I found that hypnosis does work and actually helps me to better absorb the lessons/sessions we go through. I do like how relaxing it is, and again how I can actually concentrate and focus on the real issues.



Professional and custom-made package. Relaxing and long-lasting. Highly recommend!



Easiest way to quit smoking!



Professional and custom-made package. Relaxing and long-lasting. Highly recommend!



I am a sort of adventurous sceptic when it comes to hypnotherapy. I was a little hesitant to commit the time/money to the Root-Cause Therapy process because what if I committed to it and nothing happened? But the results have really surprised me.

The issues/holdbacks that came up to work on were in some cases surprising. Not even on my radar. And I consider myself a pretty self aware person. The results of going through the process have been real world, positive, measurable changes. Quick changes, in some cases. Like turning a light switch on or off. And they seem effortless, like I’ve always been doing things this way.

The most striking thing about going through this process actually came weeks later, after I finished. Realizing that even though I hadn’t even been thinking about the sessions or what I’d learned, changes were still happening. Benefits still accruing.

I have no hesitation recommending this work and specifically Kandace, as a practitioner. She was professional, intuitive, and clearly caring, both during and after the process.

I have been so surprised at everything I’ve gained (and let go of!) through this process. Just do it. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself, too!



This woman is amazing at what she does, she is skilled and to the issues. 10/10 I have been telling everyone how they need her in their life!!!!



Kandace made this service very relaxing and easy. I was surprised how easy it was to quit smoking after 40+ years. When you are ready to give up smoking, this service will set you up for success.



I had a great experience with hypnotherapy with Kandace. From the first session I could see the changes in my behaviours and I was eager to put to use all the tools that Kandace had taught me. I was very relaxed and comfortable with Kandace and with each session I was able to go into deeper hypnosis. I lost 15 pounds through the use of hypnotherapy and would recommend sessions to help with weight loss.



I had a wonderful past life hypnosis with Kandace it revealed a lot about the relationship I am in now and why I have have such a huge connection with him! Also why I love herbalism and aromatherapy! Second one was very yucky. However, it showed me why I always have food around. Totally recommend getting a session with her.



I received hypnosis from Kandace a few months ago and I can’t wait to try it again sometime. It is a very unique and rewarding experience. Kandace is very professional and talented. I would recommend anyone to try a hypnosis session with her.



All my life I have struggled with food. I thought I was an emotional eater, if there was an emotion, I would eat. I finally came to the realization that I was addicted to food binging. Not that I know, but I am assuming that it was like a drug addiction. I may have been able to prolong it but eventually I would give in and want to binge. I would stuff myself to the gills to get that “high”, the fix as they say. Oh I have been able to take the weight off many times but with every second of it being a miserable struggle, and it always came back on. I was told about Kandace about 2 months ago. She has been a gift from God. I am down 11 Lbs., and has it been hard? Not at all. She instilled such a positive attitude on life (and that was at my consult) that I feel I can handle any food issue that may come my way. And then I had the actual hypnotherapy session. Now, no cravings, therefore, no binging. I have to track my food intake so I know I am getting enough. Now I must tell you that this has not been without some work on my behalf. That consists of saying my affirmations every am and pm. Even throughout the day when I think of it I will repeat them to myself. Thank you, Kandace, for giving me control over my eating.



My husband went to see Kandace to learn how to incorporate better food choices into his diet. The same day he came home from his first treatment, he ate a plate of veggies! Something I had never seen him do in 23 years I have known him! With that kind of success it prompted me to contact Kandace about my sugar addiction. I began working with Kandace and immediately following my first session, I has a different view on candy and sweets! I am one month free of my addiction to candy- a huge breakthrough for me.  Kandace is extremely professional and approachable. I felt very comfortable working with her and would recommend her to family and friends. I am grateful for her help and look forward to improved health and wellness through hypnosis.



I just wanted to say thank you for your help. I made positive changes in my diet after eating poorly for years. With your help I am now enjoying healthier food, as we got down to the root issue and resolved that issue. Thanks again.



Easiest way to quit smoking!



I am starting to see positive changes in my thought patterns. Kandace is great to talk to and very accepting. It has been a positive experience, I always walk out in a good head space, feeling calm.



I released negative thoughts and feelings. 



I’m so refreshed and clear headed. My eating habits have changed. I have more energy, and I no longer use food as a crutch. I have reduced me weight by 5 pounds, in a matter of a few weeks. BUt most importantly, I have learned how to eat again, and start to love myself from within. Thank you Kandace.



I am so appreciative of Kandace Armstrong for going through this process with me. It was truly transformative and I released a lot of pain and learnt so much. It has already made such a difference. I’m excited to see how it will change my life for years to come.



My experience with Kandace taught me a lot about myself that I hadn’t realized. To be honest, it shocked me. I have learned to be kinder and more patient with myself.



Great experience and I have been able to work on my weight loss journey with the tools and help I received here. Very well designed program that has helped me immensely with my weight loss journey. I find it easier to avoid snacks/foods I know I dont need and to ensure I eat proper portion sizes.



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